User Agreement

1. Introduction

Welcome to “FZ3A Application” which is owned by (FZ3A ltd.). “FZ3A” is a leading Mobile Application that can help you to book your maintenance services and civil works.

The following terms will have specific meanings for each one unless otherwise is stated clearly in the text:

  • User agreement: agreement and terms of use of “FZ3A’s website/ Application”.
  • FZ3A’s website/ the website/ FZ3A’s Application/ The Application:FZ3A’s website page or the Application and all pages, links and related tools.
  • FZ3A: FZ3A ltd.
  • You/ Second person: any person who enters the “website or Application” and then browses or downloads all the available information or part of it, or uses the available services in the “website” in any way. Next is “The user agreement” which concerns your use of and access to “FZ3A’s Application” pages. Your use of “FZ3A’s Application” means that you agree on the terms and conditions of the (user agreement) which includes all the details below and any adjustments that follow. The “User agreement” is considered to be valid once the “Application” is used.

Next is “The user agreement” which concerns your use of and access to “FZ3A’s Application” pages. Your use of “FZ3A’s Application” means that you agree on the terms and conditions of the (user agreement) which includes all the details below and any adjustments that follow. The “User agreement” is considered to be valid once the “Application” is used.

2. Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains the way of collecting your personal data by “FZ3A’s Application”. We advise you to read the privacy policy carefully. “You” agree that your personal data will be collected and used by “the Application” and some service providers from any third party in the mentioned way in this privacy policy.

  • Protecting your privacy
    “FZ3A” appreciates your trust and we want you to feel comfortable and secure when you use our website/ Application and share your personal information with us, so we are very proud to be committed in protecting your privacy. Please continue reading the following policy to understand the way we deal with your personal information.
  • Privacy guarantee
    “FZ3A” promises not to sell, lease or share your personal information with any third party without your permission (other than what is stated in this privacy policy).
  • Service providers
    “FZ3A” may employ other companies or individuals to perform tasks on its behalf. For example but not limited to process orders, provide maintenance and civil services, send mail and email, analyze data, provide help and marketing, provide search results. These may have the access to the personal information in order to be able to perform their tasks, and will not be used to other goals. The following information that you will provide when placing your order will not be shared with the maintenance or civil service providers unless with the ones that you’ll accept their offers and after you confirm the order:

    • Name
    • Mobile number
    • Your detailed location
  • The information that might be collected from you
    “The Application” collects the information you provided when registering in it and when placing orders in a record along with the information that we know about you through your use of our website including collecting the information about the operations that you do on the “Application”. We might also collect additional information about your participation in any of the offers that we provide. We also observe the patterns of agent’s activities and the use of “the Application”, which makes us able to provide a better service.
    If you don’t agree on this privacy policy, please do not accept it when registering, your personal ID will stay unknown when you browse the website without signing up into the “Application” by a username and password. Despite of that “FZ3A’s website” collects and saves the following information even if you are not signed up into the “website”:

    • The country you are using the “website” from.
    • The default browser’s language.
    • User’s operating system.
      You can close your account at any time, but your saved information in the archive might stay in the “website’s server” even after deleting or closing your account
  • When do we disclose your personal information?
    Your personal information will not be used to any purpose other than closing the deal with you. We do not lease or sell or share your personal information, and will not reveal any personal information to any third party except in the following cases:

    • That we have your permission.
    • To provide products and services that you ordered.
    • To help achieving or preventing activities that are illegal or if suspected in fraud activities or which presents danger on any persons safety or in cases of violation of the “User agreement” or to defend against legal claims.
    • Special circumstances such as to compliance with court orders or orders from a statutory authority.
  • Our responsibility
    Despite that we will work on keeping your personal information confidential, the internet transmission can’t be completely secure. Using this “website/Application” you agree that we do not carry any responsibility about disclosing your personal information in case of transmission’s error or illegal activities from any third party.
    We reserve the right to change or update our policy at any time, and will inform you about the changes in case they happened. Such changes will be valid once they are published on the “website/Application”.

3. Telecommunications

When you agree to use our “Application” and services, it means that you accept all types of communications, through email, periodic releases, notifications or advertisements announced on the “website”. Based on that you implicitly agree that all electronic transactions we send to you is legally binding and are considered as written terms.

4. Your Personal Information and Transactions Details

You accept to give “FZ3A Application” an unlimited right to use your personal or other information that you provided through the “Application” and/ or announced on the “website” through registering and/ or purchasing, and this is through the connection and registration forms, or through any email or available communication channels in the “website” that aims to operate and promote “the Application” and this is according to “the Application’s” privacy policy.

5. Your Account

The information that you provide through the registration process is a protected data according to the privacy policy terms clarified above.
You agree to be responsible to protect the confidentiality of your account information and password, and also agree that you will notify “FZ3A Application” immediately about any unauthorized use of your username or account or any other hack of your confidential information. “FZ3A’s website” will not be responsible in any case about any loss that you might face directly or indirectly morally or physically as a result of revealing the username or password information from any third party.
In case of not committing to any of the mentioned in the “User agreement” the “website’s” management has the right to suspend or cancel your membership and block you from the “website”. Also, we reserve the right to cancel any unconfirmed accounts and transactions which were inactive for a long time.

6. Copyrights

The content, organization, graphs, designs, collecting, electronic translation, digitizing and other things related to “the website/Application” are considered to be owned by “FZ3A”, and all of them are protected by copyrights and trademarks laws, and other rights such as intellectual property rights. It’ absolutely prevented to copy, relocate, use, or print any of these materials or part of it from the “website” or any other websites, except in the boundaries that the applicable laws allow in the Saudi Arabia regarding this.

7. Trademarks

All of the words or logos on the “website” or the “Application” are owned by “FZ3A” both if it’s a registered trademark or designs and/ or expressions and/ or slogans and/ or unregistered words are protected by the Intellectual property laws. All the other trademarks that are not owned by “FZ3A” and appear on the website are owned by their owners, who might be or not be following or related to “FZ3A”.

8. Terms of the Service

  • Ordering and price details
    You can order a maintenance or civil work s through the “Application” when you register to provide us with the required information, after that the service providers that “FZ3A” deals with will look into your order information according to the privacy policy above and provide you directly with offers for maintenance and civil works according to your request and you can choose the offer that suits you, knowing that the provided offers has an expiry date specified by the service providers. In case you accept an offer, a reservation will be made when all the payment is made for the maintenance or civil works. You also agree that you will negotiate with the service providers that “FZ3A” deals with regarding the payment of the maintenance or civil works outside “FZ3A’s” platform. FZ3A has no responsibility with the total cost of the service. You and the service provider / technician will agree on that.
    The order must include all the maintenance and civil works that you wish to be done, please fill the form accurately because the service provider will give/accept the offer according to this form. Please advise that if you do not wish to make some of the things mentioned in the maintenance or civil works form when the service provider is working on the rest, that will not affect the payment that you agreed on with the service provider. In case you wish to add work on the form when the service provider is doing his job, you can do so but the service provider will charge you additional fees for the additional work and that will be added on the final receipt that will be given to you.

9. Liability Clearance

The services or the information that are getting from the “Application” or through it, are services and information provided “as it is” and “according to its availability”, so “FZ3A Application” will not be responsible under any circumstance about any damages including but not limited to direct, indirect , personal, accidentally or resulting of damages or loses or payments related to the “Application” or using it or not be able to use it from any part or failure in the performance, or mistake, stopping, crashing or being late in operating or translating or because of viruses or damages in the lines or systems or if it is because of avoiding the “User agreement” or the guarantees or ignorance or personal responsibility of the services or information or other even if “FZ3A’s website” or who represents it was told that these damages or losses or expenses might happen.
“FZ3A” itself do not provide maintenance or civil work services on the “website/ Application”, it deals with the maintenance and civil work service providers to provide these services to our clients, so it is not responsible about any mistakes in the service or damages that happens as a result from it, “FZ3A’s” responsibility is only limited in the rating policy that is mentioned in the “User agreement”.
Choosing the materials that are used in the “maintenance and civil works” is your responsibility, and you are responsible about these materials regarding the safety and quality, and any damages that might happen in the “maintenance or civil works” as a result of the invalid materials or bad quality.

10. The Relationship Nature

You accept that the “User agreement” is not explained in anyway as a work, employment, agency contract or partnership, and it is not allowed to present yourself as an employee, agent or representative of “FZ3A” to any third party.

11. Applicable Law

The “User agreement” is subject in its explanation, implementation and all aspects to the applicable law and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its judicial authorities.

12. Adjustments on the Agreement and Terms of Use

“FZ3A’s website” has the completely right to adjust the website’s “user agreement” terms at any time without a previous notification. You can access the latest version of the “User agreement” at any time on the “website/Application”. In case you do not agree on the “User’s agreement” adjustments, you have to stop using this “website/Application”. If you continue using the “website/Application”, it means that you accept the adjusted terms in the “User agreement”.

13. VAT

The mentioned fees and charges do not include VAT, and the tax will be charged separately according to the prices on it in the VAT system and its regulations.

14. Contact Information

Thank you for visiting “FZ3A’s Application” that is owned by “FZ3A ltd.” company, which is registered company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia under company registration number (1010547447). The office address is: King Abdulaziz Branch Rd, An Nahdah, Jeddah 23523, Saudi Arabia.
If you have any comments or suggestions, we are glad to hear them through the following email or mobile number +966 56 715 2595.